When Virtuality Met Reality.

Auer is inspired by Oort Cloud and it's name is translated from chinese pinyin 奥 (au er). Oort Cloud is made up of icy pieces of space debris those debris are jostled out of the cloud and fall toward the Sun, becoming comets. Same concept as Metaverse Become Reality.

Our aim is to build a bridge between reality and virtuality, and through the AUER platform project, we can achieve our goals faster. In the future world, AUER will gradually integrate reality and virtuality .



Speed up transactions, improve transaction security, and track transactions efficiently.

Fraud/Theft Prevention

Blockchain technology can ensure that information enters the correct channel without the need for third-party intervention

Blockchain Technology

Different ways to transfer funds, enforce agreements through smart contracts, and track the delivery process through a public blockchain ledger that prevents valuable items from being lost in the delivery process.